Life Coaching with Sandy Earl, Certified Professional Coach

Private Coaching Sessions

Are you an insightful woman who takes the time for personal reflection and knows what you want, but you are running into resistance taking steps to bring your desires to reality?

Are you a dedicated woman who has a lot of good things going on in your life, but feel there are some areas where you are settling for “good enough” and not “great”?

Are you a selfless woman whose kids are almost or fully grown, who wants to find a new direction that inspires you on a daily basis, but doesn’t know what steps to take to make that happen?

Well, now Harmony in Life is supporting you in that next big step by offering either one 60-minute session, or a series of three 60 minutes sessions by Certified Professional Life Coach, Sandy Earl, CPC, ELI-MP.

A coaching session with Sandy is:

· Confidential

· Non-judgmental

· Encouraging

· Inspiring

· Creative/ Thought provoking

In the one 60-minute session you will walk away with clarity on:

· What you really want

· What could be holding you back

· What makes you special and unique

· Ideas on taking steps to move forward

In the three 60-minute sessions you will come away with tools to:

· Uncover what really matter to you

· Identify blocks preventing you from taking action

· Recognize how your action correlates with your core values

· Develop a plan to achieve the goals that are important to you

After you work with Sandy you will understand how your thoughts create your feelings, and how your feelings dictate your action, or inaction. 

You will recognize your energy levels and know what action is needed to shift to a higher level that will give you more overall satisfaction in your life. 

Maybe the most valuable gift you will cultivate through working with Sandy as your life coach is a deep connection to self, knowing that you are honoring your self-worth and focusing your energy to take the action that brings meaning to life. 

*All session take place over the phone, on FaceTime, or Zoom. *


Sandy’s regular one-hour rate is $90, and is offering this single session for $75, and the group of three sessions for $180, ($60 each)

$75 for one 60-minute session.

$180 for 60-minute sessions.


Rarely have I met another person who has had such a positive impact so quickly in my life. As a personal life coach, Sandy does not give advice, make decisions for me, or direct my actions. Rather, she provides guidance. 

Sandy supports my understanding and practice of looking within for my answers. She asks me to decide whether I want to “feel good” or stay where I am, because how I feel is truly my own choice. 

She challenges me to look for solutions that feel better than those I have used in the past. She gently nudges me toward more positive outcomes and helps me learn how to continue living in a more positive way.

The process has been confidential, fun, and truly eyeopening! Strange as it may sound, it is simple and more importantly, it works! 

Terry D.

Life Coaching Themed Workshop


What:   Three 90-minute small group sessions

When:   Wednesdays, April 15, 22, 29

Time:    7:00-8:30 pm

How:     All sessions will be hosted over Zoom

 *Participants will receive audio recording of all three sessions * 


This three-part workshop series is for you if are:

· Curious about what it’s like to actually work with a life coach

· Aware that having support makes accomplishing goals easier

· Focused on what matters most to you

· Willing to learn techniques that allow you to enjoy the journey

The intention of the series is to allow you to discover tools to help you:

· Uncover what is holding you back from progress

· Understand how your energy level affects your ability to take action

· Learn the secret to appreciating the journey, not just the end result

At the end of the series you walk away with the:

· Satisfaction of knowing what’s in your way

· Confidence to recognize your energy level

· Practical ways to shift to higher levels

At the end of the series you will understand how your thoughts determine your feelings, and how your feelings dictate your action or inaction.

You’ll notice when your energy level drops, and will know how to change your perspective of the situation to alter the way you feel, that will give your more overall personal life satisfaction. 

Hosted by Certified Professional Coach, Sandy Earl. Sandy uses personal stories, humor, and simple concepts to teach her clients tools for living a vibrant, joyful, and deeply meaningful life. 

About Sandy Earl

Sandy Earl is a Certified Life Coach and yoga teacher. 

Sandy is passionate about empowering women to listen to their heart by tuning into their feelings as a way of guiding their lives in a very authentic way. 


$75 for the complete series 

Pre-registration is required.