Thank you Jeremy and Nancy!

What an amazing experience.  We are grateful for Jeremy and Nancy's beautiful music.  Thank you also for all that came to the Sound Journey concert.


Sound Journey (Sound Bath)


Experience deep relaxation as Jeremy and Nancy create an enveloping soundscape to help release stress and tension. The soothing vibrations of the handpan, didgeridoo, Paiste gong, crystal singing bowls and more will provide an atmosphere to allow your mind to tap into meditative states, while also nourishing and calming the nervous system.  During the experience you will rest in a comfortable and supported savasana as you are bathed by a sea of sound and vibration. Each experience is created and offered with pure intent for healing and relaxation.  

Receive deep rest in this extremely healing practice. Relax, restore, find your bliss, and stay after to connect over a cup of tea. All are welcome, no prior experience with yoga necessary. Each offering is unique and profound.


Jeremy and Nancy met and fell in love in 2011. Soon after, they began their journey around the world, sharing their passions of yoga and sacred music. Their journey has taken them across 5 continents. They are both dedicated yoga students and teachers, living in service of inspiring others to live from their hearts and follow their dreams. Together, they lead Sound Journeys and retreats around the world. 

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